Our Trainers

Bo Hughes

Bo is an experienced dog trainer with more than 15 years as a professional trainer. For many years she has been training trainers through her own business as well as for a major pet retailer. For the last 5 years she has focused on training Service Dogs and studied with Service Dogs, Inc.’s inaugural class in Austin, Texas.Bo-Hughes-Full

She is the Co-Founder of S.T.O.R.M. Urban Trackers and trained volunteer members in scent specific tracking, locating or returning home lost persons. She was able to help in a murder conviction based on one of the dogs being requested to assist the police in Colorado. (First court case allowing testimony of a Coonhound track, previously only Bloodhounds tracks were allowed as part of court cases).

Her life partner suffers with PTSD which as a trainer gives Bo a unique perspective from the spouse’s point of view and she can help bridge that gap of confusion that happens when a dog takes some of the responsibility away from the handler’s significant other. Having that insider view of the bond and teamwork that takes place between a Service Dog and their handler inspires and motivates Bo to help every person she can to achieve more confidence and open up their world 4 legs
at a time.

Exposure to trainer seminars by great canine authors such as Dr. Patricia McConnell, Trish King and Leslie Nielson and behaviorist Dr. Suzanne Hetts, who Bo has worked with personally on several cases, has provided her with a wealth of resources to find solutions or to ignite fresh new techniques/methods that can help a dog learn quickly and positively

While Bo loves to train and teach she is always open to learning new methods herself and believes that trainers should be each other’s best resources. As a former chef Bo also enjoys studying dog nutrition and has assisted many families with dogs who suffer food related issues.