FAQs and Helpful Links

Q. Can my dog be trained to become a service dog?

A. Yes, if your dog can pass some basic skills and temperament evaluation to determine if they have the patience and work ethic to be a working assistance dog.


Q. What is your style of training?

A. We mainly utilize positive training.


Q. What is positive training?

A. When training, positive and negative are not good / bad, but more accurately, positive is to give and negative is to take away. With positive training, negative marking, removing lures/rewards and over treating are minimized. Encouragement, praise, play and food rewards are combined for a well rounded training experience preventing your dog from becoming treat focused.


Q. Is there a service dog registry?

A. NO, there are many internet “services” that provide these, but they are neither required nor recognized by federal or state laws.


Q. Where else can I learn more about service dogs and the law?

A. Try the following:

Animal Behavior Society – Behaviorists

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) – Minimum Training Standards for Public Acces (PAT)

Assistance Dogs International

ADA and the Law – Service Dog Q and A

Job Assistance Network – Service Animals in the Workplace